Tuesday, February 22, 2011: Pulling Strings

Harpist Barbora Váchalová shows Fred some moves. It's more painful than it looks, Fred discovers.

Nobody really knows how the harp was born. Some people think that the inspiration for it came from a hunter’s bow, while others prefer the more peace-loving story about the loom. These days, it doesn’t really matter as the harp occupies a noble status among musical instruments in the most prestigious of orchestras.

However, as I discovered for myself, trying to play it is not the most dignified experience you might expect from this highly-dignified instrument. At least not as far as mutilation of ageing human joints is concerned.

This is the intriguing beginning of an article by our Mr Fred Rooks, a proper English gentleman who submits to a new music lesson on a different musical instrument for each Opus Osm article. Having “mastered” tones on the violin and marimba, now he goes on to confront a full-sized classical harp.

You can read about the results in the full article written in his inimitable Fred Rooks style, by clicking on Other Side of the Curtain. oo

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