Wednesday, February 16, 2011: New Poll!

Poll #2
Take our latest poll!

This time we’re asking about ballet. When was the last time you attended a performance, either live or on film in a movie theatre? — Either classical or contemporary counts.

The reason we’re asking is that we wonder what the general attitude and interest level is. Ballet in any form is one of those arts that asks you to take your time, learn about slowly, and gradually appreciate. Then one day you suddenly realize you can’t live without it.

The ultimate rewards are outstanding.

So don’t be shy. Let us know what your experience is. Contribute your vote in our poll, below.

Then contribute your support by attending a performance near you.

It’s not too late to vote in our previous poll, if you haven’t yet. Just go to our Daily News article on this page, for Wednesday, February 9.

See you at the ballet!

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